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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Justice, California Style

After resounding victories in the Massachusetts, Conneticut, Iowa, Vermont, and Maine legislatures, proponents of same-sex marriage were given a slap in the face Tuesday morning by the California Supreme Court. Back to reality the Justices say.

“At every opportunity, the people of California have voted to protect marriage because they recognize the far-reaching consequences that redefining marriage will have for children, the family, religious liberties, businesses and every facet of American society,” the president of Family Research Council, Tony Perkins, said. Yes, absolutely Tony! That’s right, now that gays/lesbians can’t call their civil unions “marriage,” all will be great and the sun will shine. Afterall, if all of the sudden civil unions were renamed marriage, hell would break loose – children would run away from home, families would fall apart, businesses would fail, our economy would tank — oh wait, that sounds awfully familiar…


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