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Monday, June 8, 2009

Amada | One of My Favorite Restaurants in Philadelphia

It’s not the cheapest place to eat, but the food is excellent. The chef is Juan Garces, who also operates Tinto and Distrito. Amada serves traditional Spanish tapas – or small plates. You can order your own selections of tapas a la carte, but I highly recommend that you try La Mesa de Jose – or the chef’s tasting menu. The chef organized a fantastic 12 course menu. We began with an intriguing combination of cheeses, dipping sauces and fruit. Skeptical at first, the flavors worked together beautifully. The contrast of sweet and savory were an excellent way to start off the meal. The entire meal had a fresh, earthy theme to it. I think this was best exemplified in the Alcachofas Y Setas, a wild mushroom, artichoke, black truffle and manchego flatbread. Simply put, the food was rustic and delicious. Map it!


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