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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Health Care Reforms on the Fast Track

Yes, America's health insurance premiums are still rising, health care costs are increasing, utilization is high, and waste looms across the horizon. Expenditures in our health care system is roughly 2/3 of the federal budget and play a large role in nearly half of the bankruptcy filings in the U.S. I'll leave it to you to look up the Medicaid and Medicare statistics.

These are all problems resulting from our current health care system, and there is a mandate for it to be fixed - however, reforms on such a large scale, both in terms of the financial and infrastructure of the system, can't be formulated and rushed through Congress in a matter of a few weeks. The current pace that Pelosi and Obama are taking the health reform proposals through Congress is too fast and too careless.

The upcoming August recess will hopefully allow the Republicans and other Democrats to come up with alternative plans and give experts the time to analyze the current proposals for their Achilles heel. It's better we address those needs now than ten years down the line of another faltering health care system.


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