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Monday, January 3, 2011

Restaurant Review: City Tap House

City Tap House's probably a great place to head to if you're looking for a sports bar to hang out and watch the game. However, if you're hungry and searching for something good to satisfy that hunger, then you're out of luck. The meal started out well with the Tap House Steak Chili made with beef sirloin, red beans, dark stout, ancho chiles, and jack cheese. The steak was tender and the chili was spiced just about right. However, the Organic Pulled Chicken salad, comprised of toasted pecans, golden raisins, green apples, pancetta, blue cheese, and lemon-thyme vinaigrette, did not live up to our expectations. The vinaigrette was bland and the salad was not worth the eleven bucks we forked over. For half that price we could have gotten a better salad at Gia Pronto. The Chicken Press "Craftwiche" sounded delicious - pulled chicken, argula, aged provolone, basil pesto, and roasted peppers on griddled italian bread - sounds yummy, but it tasted just as bland as the salad. And again, we could have gotten a much better sandwich from Gia Pronto for half the price. The service was subpar for a restaurant that was only a quarter occupied, with staff standing behind the bar chit-chatting rather than filling up our glasses that sat empty for the last half of our meal. Overall, City Tap House is a good place to enjoy the game and drink a beer, but not for a foodie looking for an adventure.


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