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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bangkok, Thailand Part 2

We then headed to an optional snake show, which no one wanted to pay to see so we continued on. We drove a bit to the crocodile farm, where we had a lunch buffet (Thai style noodles, chicken, veg, etc.) waiting for us (we also stopped at a woodcarving place somewhere along the way). The elephant and crocodile shows were OK (the elephant show gave a good glimpse into the history of elephants and their role in Thai culture), but it felt like another tourist trap. Guess this is what happens when I sign up for tours...

Just to prove I was actually there ;)

Up next we went to the Rose Garden, which is a misnomer as there are few roses (if any) there. We watched a cultural show illustrating how Thai weddings are performed, traditional Thai boxing techniques, etc. All in all it was a good exposure to Thai culture.

Our final stop, which I wasn't expecting, was to a jewelry store, where we saw how they individually handcrafted diamonds from Africa into all sorts of intricate designs. I had my own guide to show me around, and awkwardly suggested I buy this or that...as if I could afford anything in there.


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