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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Yelpy Charms

This article is a bit dated, but since I had forgotten to post it when it actually happened, I am doing it now.

From the March 16, 2011 Weekly Yelp, with a call out to a review I wrote on Morimoto:

What's black and white and green all over? This issue of the Weekly Yelp, of course! While it's true that you don't need an excuse to drink too much and make your cab driver cart you all over the city in search of some 4am soda bread, blaming your actions on St. Paddy's Day is a good way to feel better about everything in the morning. So cash in your pot o' gold! We've got some leprechauns to hunt down.

At the top o' the mornin', what could make for a better breakfast of champions than a "traditional Irish breakfast" at Dark Horse Pub? If the bangers, rashers, and black and white pudding aren't heavy enough to satiate, Rob Rwashes it all down with a black and tan. There may be no booze served at Ida Mae's Bruncherie, but that won't stop us from wolfing down their Irish brekkie... along with a side of soda farl and some beans on toast. What? We're hungry.

While Philly proper is filled with delicious Dublin-inspired dishes, the surrounding 'burbs runneth over with Irish lunches and dinners. Karen T talks up the "shepherd's pie, Jameson and garlic chicken and Irish stew" at Connie Mac's, while Steven B makes Maggie O'Neill's in Drexel Hill his top choice for "bar food mixed with Irish classics and a few American staples." If the Emerald Isles are calling, head over to Shanachiethe "closest thing to being in Dublin without getting groped by the TSA." Christopher Dgoes for an obligatory Guinness, "a crock of potato leek soup, a smoked salmon plate," and the homemade brown bread we suspect is actually baked by the end of a rainbow.

Finish off the day à la Brigid M with a "perfect pint" from The Irish Times, or perk up with a decadent variation of their Irish coffee. If you're less of a drinker and more of a licker,Jacquelin K instructs to "never skip" the Irish coffee ice cream at Bassetts, even when the line is twenty deep. When looking for Irish eats outside of the box, sushi haven Morimoto's Irish coffee jelly parfait practically made Minh C do a jig. With lucky local options like these, who needs a four leaf clover?

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