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Monday, October 22, 2012

Going West

crazy funky hippy lights around LAX
Last Friday I boarded a plane to Los Angeles.  It had been a while since I had caught up with my friend  Irene, so this was a great opportunity to see her as well as check out Tinseltown.  When I told people I would be going to LA, they were, to put it kindly, less than enthusiastic about the city.  Boo.

My perception of LA (and any large U.S. city) had always been closely linked to my experiences in NYC - just on a smaller scale.  My recent trip to Dallas proved me wrong - it was a lot less densely populated and of a slower pace than I had imagined.  Similarly, my perception of LA was a little off as well (I blame this on Hollywood and too many episodes of NCIS LA).  

As Irene best put it, LA is more of a collection of neighborhoods (e.g., Venice) of a suburban feel than a connected city.  For the Quakers out there, an analogy would be Penn Park - it's more of a collection of fields that serve their own purposes as opposed to being a true park.  

Here are some pics from around town!

the famous spicy miso ramen with pork
this picture doesn't do it justice, but like this building, there are very neat architectural deisgns around the area


home along one of the venice canals, another example of the architecture i mentioned

cloudy day on santa monica beach
we look so frighten! 
downtown, the minimalist's skyline
i swear, that thin white line in the back is the "hollywood" sign
it's a banana, it's a macaroni, it's a big yellow... 
the chinese theater
little tokyo
i'm pretty sure i still smell like korean bbq
to airport back to philly
spaceship, where the aliens land at LAX


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