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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


40th & Walnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Neighborhoods: University City, Spruce Hill

I had already eaten dinner by the time we met up at Harvest, so this review will be heavily focused on the dessert section.

First, a couple words about Harvest.  The menu is seasonal, and most ingredients are locally sourced.  They even list the farms from which the ingredients come from on the top of the menu.  Fresh, local, seasonal ingredients.

We started off with the edamame three-ways (sweet, spicy, and salty).  This was an okay dish - the concept sounded better than the execution tasted.  The salty was just salt, the sweet was just honey, and the spicy was...I'm not even sure.  It's a nice dish to make at home, but not necessarily one to pay for at a restaurant.

Next up, the sugar rush.  There are 8 desserts on the menu, each only $3.  Granted, the portions are small, but I think they're the perfect size to share between two.  From my favorite to my least favorite:

clockwise starting in the middle - pumpkin pie, coconut cream,  chocolate & salted caramel mouse, pumpkin chai latte martini, banana cream, peanut butter & jelly crunch

  • Coconut cream - it is what its name says it is, topped with shavings of coconut that perfectly balances out the sweetness of the cream.  
  • Peanut butter & jelly crunch - the first bite was delicious, the second bite was a bit too sweet, the third bite called for coffee to balance it out
  • Chocolate & salted caramel mouse cake- deep, rich chocolate, what else is there to say?
  • Pumpkin pie - I was really looking forward to this one.  I like pumpkin pie and this looked delicious, but the flavor was a little bit disappointing.  There just wasn't the spice I expected.
  • Banana cream - blah
I was first introduced to Starbucks chai a couple months ago, and ever since, it has replaced my daily dose of coffee.  So, I had to try the pumpkin chai latte martini.  This needed a lighter touch on the vanilla Stoli, the flavor of which overpowered the pumpkin chai.  Overall, Harvest has a decent dessert menu for cheap if your sweet tooth is calling.


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