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Monday, October 8, 2012

Playing Tarzan for the day

I went to my first open tango lesson last Friday night.  It was definitely a good time, and I'm pretty sure it's going to take me a quite a while to get the moves down pat...if ever.  I'm still shopping around for the right place, and will postpone writing anything about it until I get a couple more of the group lessons under my belt. 

In the meantime, here're a couple pix from my zip-lining adventure this past Saturday.  The venue itself is quite dated, but versatile (it's used year round for zip-lining, but the slopes are also used for skiing, a haunted walk / corn maze, etc.).  We completed 7 zips, with various challenges in between the zips.  In one challenge, we had to tightrope across to the other tree.  Another challenge had us monkey bar across, or for the less motivated, walk across while holding onto a series of ropes.  The best was the rappelling, or better described as a 30-foot free fall.  Pictures are courtesy of my iphone, so they're a bit fuzzy.  

in process of going upside down

getting ready for the fall

the fall

not for the uncoordinated
a bit out of order, but the ride up to the top

i may be smiling, but my head's wondering why the hell does this harness smell like dirty gym shoes
options were to gym rope up or climb up the net you see on the right.  i was the only one who made it up the hard way.  sorry shirt stretcher, you ain't got the upper body strength like i do :)


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