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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ramen Bar

A little self-promotion before I get to the review.  If you haven't already, check out my post (48-Hour Experiment) that was featured on the Huffington Post.  Read it, share it! Make sure to click on "Fan" to get notified of future posts!

Ramen Bar
4040 Locust St
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Neighborhoods: University City, Spruce Hill

I dropped by here for lunch (after the normal rush hour), so there wasn't a crowd.  In fact, there was only about 6 of us in the restaurant.  The interior is sleek and modern - not what I was expecting before walking in, so kudos there.  We split the fried octopus balls - be careful, these are HOT so eat slowly.  These were okay - good to try once, but not twice.  I ordered the Zenbu No-se Ramen - the "everything in" bowl.  I don't even know what I ate, but it was good!  All I remember is that the pork was so tender, it melted right in my mouth.

A bit blurry - it was cold outside!
My only qualm with Ramen Bar is that it's on the pricey side ($15 bucks for the Zenbu, $19 with tax/tip) - definitely not the price range that will allow me to come here on a regular basis for lunch.  Nan Zhou, though it's farther away and doesn't have all the special toppings of Ramen Bar, is a third of the price and just as delicious.


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