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Friday, November 9, 2012

Tidbit to live by...Stop the Self-Doubt

Stop the Self-Doubt.  In less than two  months, it'll be that time of year again when people declare New Year's resolutions.  Most will, undeniably, declare those resolutions dead before the end of January.  Don't be one of those people.  Whether it's a New Year's resolution or something else that you want to achieve, don't doubt your ability to do it.  Ride the momentum that's there when you begin, and when the middle doldrums come, don't second guess yourself.  If needed, take a break, visualize the end state and think back to why you declared that goal in the first place.  Find friends and family who support you, but most importantly, take ownership of your success.  Even with all the external support in the world, you will have a harder time succeeding if you can't find faith within yourself.

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