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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Spice 28 Follow Up

In my original review of Spice 28 I wrote that I would not consider going back there.  After posting my review on Yelp, the GM - Ben - contacted me inviting us to come back.  So, we did.  At Ben's request, I tried contacting him several times - through phone and Yelp - to let him know we would be coming, but I had no luck in reaching him.  But, we went anyway.

We started off the meal with the rock shrimp and Indian pancake - both of which were absolute let downs. The portion size of the Indian pancake was embarrassingly small.  The rock shrimp battered had no flavor and was entirely dependent on the dipping sauces to provide it with any hint of spice.

The tasteless rock shrimp
The mini Indian pancake
 As with the first time we had gone to Spice 28, the waiters brought out our entrees prior to us finishing our appetizers.  And again, our entrees became lukewarm by the time we actually ate it.  We had the Pad Thai and Blue Crab Fried Rice.  The fried rice was poorly seasoned - all I tasted was pepper, lots of pepper.  The Pad Thai did not get any thumbs up either.

The bland Pad Thai
The poorly seasoned blue crab fried rice
There was one point where we had two waitresses taking our order, and two waiters standing silently behind us.  Mmm...talk about awkward?

Needless to say, we won't be coming back, and due to the absolute disappointment, I'm knocking this down one star from my original review.


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