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Monday, December 24, 2012

The Belgian Cafe

The Belgian Cafe
21st & Green St
Philadelphia, PA 19130
Neighborhoods: Fairmount, Art Museum District

We hit up the Monk's of North Philly for brunch. Located in a residential neighborhood, The Belgian Cafe is a nice hangout spot similar to what Rx in West Philly used to be for brunch.

Let's get straight to the food.  I ordered the Eggs Benedict with two poached eggs laid on top of a Liege waffle alongside some Lancaster ham and a healthy dose of hollandaise.  Of the three of us, my dish came out last.  I was thus really baffled when I ate my first bite and my eggs were no longer runny and was borderline between lukewarm and cold.  The waitress stopped by to ask how we were enjoying our food...so, I told her how I was not enjoying it.  She promptly apologized and offered to replace my plate.  I agreed, and she came back a little later with a warmer dish.  Kudos.  The food itself was okay - nothing spectacular.  I prefer Hawthorne's.  When the waitress brought us the check later, she told us she had comped my Eggs Benedict.  Kudos again.  Free brunch for me!  Unfortunately, my brother left his wallet in the car, so I had to pay for him.  Negative kudos.

I also managed to get a couple bites of the pommes frites, which came with either their bourbon mayo or smoked ketchup (I couldn't tell which).  Yummmm.  I would come back just for the fries.  This spot also has a pretty extensive list of draft beers, wine, etc., but since I don't drink, you'd have to refer to your resident alcoholic for a review.


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