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Monday, January 21, 2013

Matyson - Great brunch without the food coma

37 S 19th St
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Neighborhoods: Rittenhouse Square, Penn Center

We came here for Sunday brunch, which apparently is a relatively new development for Matyson.  As a spoiler, it was a great brunch!  We started off sharing the Shaved Tuscan Kale - a delicious mixture of quinoa, butternut squast, pepitas, parmesan, and oregano.  For a salad, this gave quite the buzz to my taste buds and felt very light.  Great way to start it off.  

Next up, we shared the Brisket Egg & Cheese with cheddar and a fried egg sandwiched between sesame brioche.  This sounds like a pretty heavy dish, but it was surprisingly very light as well  - all without losing an ounce of flavor.  

Still hungry, we split the Chicken & (scallion) Waffles - drizzled with Korean chili sauce and accompanied with a fried egg.  Again, this sounds like a heavy dish, but the chef pulled another Houdini and made the heaviness disappeared from the fried chicken.  If you order this dish, I'd suggest asking to have the chili sauce on the side - it's a bit spicy but also quite sweet.  So, unless you like your fried chicken sweet and spicy, get the sauce separately.  

A little hungry still, we asked to see the dessert menu.  Unfortunately, the pastry chef wasn't in so our options were limited. We went with Apple Crisp topped with vanilla ice cream.  Yes, you guessed it, this was pretty light as well!  Nothing paired with vanilla ice cream can go wrong, unless the vanilla ice cream is bad.  This was good. 


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