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Monday, January 28, 2013

Philly Cafes - Where do you go?

From time to time, we all need a place away from home or the office to bunker down and crank out some work, to vegetate, or to simply catch up with a friend.  Philly's a big city, with many neighborhood cafes and chain coffee shops.  With so many options, where do you go?  Here's a shot at a list of places around the city based on the cafe's ambiance, availability of wifi, safety (i.e., will your junk get stolen if you blink), etc... (and less so on the food).
  1. Penn Bookstore - safe, wifi, clean, spacious
  2. The Gold Standard Cafe - safe, wifi, clean, tight space
  3. Starbucks - 34th / Walnut - safe, wifi, clean, loud
  4. Cafe Clave - closed
  5. Green Line Cafe - 43rd / Baltimore - safe, wifi (?), clean, tight space
  6. Starbucks - 12th / Walnut - wifi, clean, so-so safe
  7. Saxbys Coffee - 20th / Walnut - wifi, clean, so-so safe
  8. Cosi - 17th / Walnut - wifi, clean, not so safe
  9. The Random Tea Room and Curiosity Shop - safe, wifi (?), very small, far away from everything else
  10. Milk and Honey Market - so-so safe, so-so clean
  11. Lore's Espresso - no wifi, no bathroom
What's your favorite spot in the city?


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