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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Getting into Ants Pants, No Thanks

Ants Pants Cafe
2212 South St
Philadelphia, PA 19146
Neighborhood: Graduate Hospital

I've been here twice.  The first time it was only for chai - this was okay.  The second time was for brunch because Cafe Lutecia on 23rd/Lombard was closed.

It was fairly crowded, but this could be a matter of optics since the establishment is quite small.  In fact, my elbows must had gotten bumped quite a few times just sitting there.

We both had the Brekkie Platter - 3 eggs (mine was sunny, the other was scrambled), with bacon and brioche.  Overall, the dish was okay, nothing spectacular and nothing that I couldn't make myself in the kitchen, if I had a functional kitchen anyway. I was fairly hungry, and although it looked like there was a lot of food on the plate, I was left still feeling quite hungry.  The waiter never asked us if we wanted anything more, he just walked by and dropped off the check.  Oh well.  So we went to Capogiro instead.

Also, be warned that this joint is cash only.  Urgh, come one, get Square.

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