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Monday, February 18, 2013

Honey's Sit-N-Eat

Honey's Sit-N-Eat
800 N 4th St
Philadelphia, PA 19123
Neighborhood: Northern Liberties

I know a lot of Yelpers rave about this place, but my experience was only so-so.  Because of its glowing reviews, we were fine with waiting half an hour.

I had the Breakfast Bomb - a huge dish with a giant buttermilk pancake folded in half, between which were eggs with homemade turkey sausage.  You get to choose your own breakfast meat, as well as a side.  I had the grits.  I thought both were good, but not a "wow, this is soooo goood" kinda good.

I also had some of the gravy and biscuit - on my first bite, I thought this was delicious.  There was a strong pepper flavor to it - and I am a big fan of pepper so this was great.  But then I ate an entire biscuit, and thought the gravy was too overpowering to eat as an entire dish.

Despite the so-so experience, I look forward to re-visiting, because I must be missing something if everyone is jumping and down for a seat at this joint.  I was also too full to try the deep fried banana split, so I'll have to check that off my list next time!


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