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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Minado - A Sushi Buffet Experience

2917 Swede Rd
East Norriton, PA 19401

I would have never thought I would be writing a review for a buffet.  It's not that I'm too good for buffets, because I love them when I'm starving, but there's usually never a doubt what the quality would be.  Minado is a little different. 

Our party of five came here early in the evening, and although it wasn't jam packed, it was still fairly full - and mostly filled with Asians.  The establishment itself is quite large, so although it wasn't completely full, there was a lot of people here.  So far so good.  

Minado has pretty much everything you'll need - over 40 (yes 40!) different types of sushi and sashimi to devour, hibachi grill for those looking for cooked meat, a variety of Cantonese dishes, and two or three dim sum plates.  The sushi looked - and tasted - fresh, the avocado was still green!  For a buffet, the quality of the sushi and sashimi surpassed my expectations and is on par with some of the non-buffet establishments in Philly.  You won't be disappointed.  

The dim sum was so-so, I guess that's why there was only two or three dim sum dishes.  Not Minado's strong suit.  The Canto dishes were better, with a variety of seafood, meats, and tofu options from which to fill up your growling stomach.  There was also crab legs for those looking to crunch out some frustration.

The desserts were also better than I expected.  There were the traditional fruit options, and also a selection of other small bites - amuse bouche for the more refined :) just kidding.  The oreo cheesecake and the green tea cheesecake were delicious, and the green tea custard (full fat, as someone kept reminding us) was a great way to wrap up a very, very filling meal - all for roughly $30 bucks a pop.


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