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Monday, March 11, 2013

Good People at Walnut Street Theatre

We were invited to the final dress rehearsal for Good People at the Walnut Street Theatre as part of a Yelp Elite event.  We arrived as scheduled and were quickly and smoothly checked in.  Though it looks small, WST can seat 1000+ patrons rather comfortably.  Overall, it was a wonderful experience - the play was good (see below), the theatre was clean, the sound system worked great, and the actors and actresses' voices projected well out into the audience.

Good People is a ~2 year old play that's set in the Southie neighborhood of Boston.  Margie, a single mom of a mentally challenged adult daughter (Joyce), is fired from her current job.  With rent and other bills to pay, Margie brainstorms with her landlady (Dottie) and friend (Jean) on potential new job opportunities.  The dynamic between Dottie and Jean adds a humorous dimension to the play.  With recurring phrases like "Who threw that turkey at me?" and  unexpected last liners like "Cocksucker!" the two ladies are bound to draw out a laugh or two from you.  During the course of their discussion on Margie's job opportunities, Jean mentions that she had bumped into one of Margie's old fling - Mike - who is now a doctor living in Chestnut Hill.  Jean suggests that Margie ask Mike for a job.  And the rest is history.  

Good People is a hilarious, honest and humble reminder that our successes and failures are a result of both our choices and luck (or lack thereof).  Each day, we are confronted with choices - from minor to major - and these choices have the potential to change the path our lives take us through.  However, luck - whether it's in the form of a loving parent who looks out for you or an opportunity that doesn't come knocking - also has a large influence on where we end up.  


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