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Saturday, April 20, 2013

4 Principles to Packing Smart

When I started consulting I found having to pack my suitcase every week to be a chore.  It was a boring process that required  packing my shirts and ties so they stayed wrinkle free while being jammed like sardines in a can.  When I started going to the gym on a more regular basis, it also required additional finesse to fit in my running shoes and gym clothes.  Eventually, if my projects were long enough, I ended up leaving my clothes at the hotel for the weekend, and picking them up on Monday evenings.  Consequently, I ended up basically carrying around an empty suitcase.  

With this mindset, I started thinking about how to lighten the load I would have to carry during my circle around Latin America.  After digging through the wisdom of other fellow backpackers and adventurers alike, I came to four key packing principles.  Whenever the question "Should I bring X?" came up, I asked if X met at least two of the four principles.  If yes, then it went into my backpack.  If not, the idea got discarded immediately.  The result?  For a trip spanning 60 plus days, I'll be carrying around less than 20 pounds.  My back sang "Hallelujah."

Here are the four PACE principles to save your back...Read more after the jump >>


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