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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mushy Cod and Peanut Butter Bombe at Meritage

500 S 20th St
Philadelphia, PA 19146
Neighborhood: Rittenhouse Square

We came to Meritage as an impromtu birthday dinner.  Luckily, they had a table outside for us, even when we arrived 15-20 minutes later than expected (crazy Penn Relays traffic).  It was wonderful and refreshing to sit outside, the weather was perfect, not too warm, and definitely not cold at all.

For starters, we had the pan-fried pork dumplings.  The taste was authentic, but there wasn't anything unique to the flavors that would make me say "I would come back to Meritage just for those dumplings" - especially when I can go to Chinatown and get twice as many dumplings for the same price.

Passersby definitely had a look of envy as they walked by, the look that says "Dumplings!! Me want some!"

I had the large plate special, which consisted of housemade fries, Asian slaw and cod cakes.  The flavors were subtle, and not what I was expecting, but still good.  The consistency of the cod cakes could be thicker, because as soon as I put my knife through them, they got all mushy gushy.  Kind of like...baby food.

We also had the duo of lamb with artichokes, asparagus, fingerlings, and baby carrots.  The lamb had a huge layer of fat on top, so yes, it was delicious.  All it needed was a little bit more crunch to the skin to give it contrast next to the fat.

To wrap it up, we had the dessert sampler - mini peanut butter bombe, chocolate cake, and banana pudding.  The bombe was light - the trick to sharing this is to flip it upside down and break it in half that way.  Otherwise, the outer layer of chocolate on the top is too hard to cut through with a spoon.  The chocolate cake was my least favorite, but the banana pudding made up for the chocolate cake's lack of star power.

I'll definitely be back one of these days for the Thursday Korean Fried Chicken special!


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