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Friday, May 3, 2013

Fried Chicken, Fried Polenta, and an Expletive Loving Taxi Driver

500 S 20th St
Philadelphia, PA 19146
Neighborhood: Rittenhouse Square

As my taxi driver muttered expletives at the pedestrians and cars in his way, I was starting to wonder if I should have walked instead.  Then, he made a sharp turn off of the busier South Street and dropped me off at Lombard.  The street was quiet, with a couple folks sitting outside having a drink or just wrapping up their dinners.  I was about to begin mine.

As promised in my last review of Meritage, I went back for the Thursday Korean fried chicken.  We arrived around 8:30 and got seated right away as there was only one other table seated and a couple folks at the bar.

We started off with the deviled verbena farm eggs with bacon infused trout roe and the Hudson Valley foie gras raviolis with black truffle butter.  The deviled eggs had a nice kick to it - from what I assume was mustard.  The raviolis were okay - but I'm a bit biased as it tasted like they had goat cheese (not a big fan) or something with very similar flavors.

What came next was the reason we went - the Korean fried chicken.  Each of our plates had two pieces of dark meat chicken, fried polenta, and some cold slaw.  With each bite of the chicken, the sweet receptors on my taste buds first activated, then a couple seconds later, the kick came in.  The seemingly bland fried polenta served as a nice contrast to the bolder flavors of the chicken.

Since the last time I was here (less than a week ago) I had the dessert sampler and really liked the banana pudding and peanut butter bombe, we got those two in their full sized versions.  The banana pudding was just as good as I remembered, and the larger sized peanut butter bombe was much easier to split without having to flip it upside down as my previous review mentioned.

Overall, another great time at Meritage.  Service did slow down a bit near the end - we had been done with our desserts for quite a while until the waitress finally checked back in with us.  The sequencing in the beginning was also a bit off - we got the bread after we got our first appetizer and got our plates after the appetizer was already served.  Minor things though...


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