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Monday, May 13, 2013

Quickie in South Philly While at PHL

Miles Table
1620 South St
Philadelphia, PA 19146
Neighborhood: Rittenhouse Square

It's that time of year again when thousands of family members fly into Philadelphia, throw hugs around their grown up children, and cry their eyes out over what marvelous people their little ones are now.  Unfortunately, all the Penn graduation ceremonies mean that the area around University City becomes crowded and walking along Locust Walk becomes traffic-jammed so people can take pictures of the Ben Franklin statue that is rumored to be urinated on every year.  Why oh why.

So, when it came to brunch on Saturday, there was no way I was going to suggest anywhere near the university.  So, we headed to South Street and stopped at Miles Table.

The set up is this - you walk through the door, hop to the counter in the back of the establishment, shout your order, take a number, and sit down.  It's like a fancier version of a fast food joint.  I admit, it was a little awkward for us to stand there waiting for someone to seat us until we realized - doh!

I had the eggs benedict, which was overall not bad.  Only complaint is that it was a bit too salty, but I assume that was the meat.  Nothing I would write home about...at least not yet.  The quiche I heard wasn't too bad either...However, with only a short amount of time left in the city of brotherly love, I don't think I'll be giving any more love to Miles Table.

Now, back to waiting for my ever so delayed plane...


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