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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Beach bum at Playas del Este

The next morning, after another strong breakfast of fresh fruits, eggs, and meats, EC headed back to Parque Centrale in Habana Vieja to catch the bus to Playas del Este, a group of beaches 18 kilometers east of Habana. 

The bus headed through the Habana tunnel, which goes underneath the Habana harbor. 

Out of the tunnel and back out on the highway, the bus continued for  approximately another 40 minutes. The streetlights consisted of two upside down golf club-shaped poles crossing each other to form an "X."

At the stop for Marisol hotel, EC hopped off as that was where Tati recommended to go. After a 5 minute walk, he stood in awe of the gorgeous white sand beach and the ocean water calling his name. For 4 CUCs, he rented a beach chair and umbrella, which was a necessity given the strength of the sun. 

Slightly tanner, EC eventually left the beach and back to Habana Vieja. The bus was 35 minutes late, leaving EC and other passengers waiting under the shade of a nearby tree. Once in the city, EC popped into the first restaurant he could find so he could use its restroom, a byproduct of trying to stay well hydrated when the body never stops sweating. He regretted choosing that restaurant as soon as he walked in. There was no one else there, and there were at least half a dozen of flies hovering around, with no attempts by anyone to get rid of them. He quickly ordered a chicken kabob and mango juice. 

When EC returned from the restroom, the waitress told him that there was no more chicken. He took that as an opportunity to escape, telling her he only wanted the juice. A minute later, she came back and said there was chicken. Given that EC was probably their only customer for the day, they were presumably trying to get him to purchase a more expensive plate. Or, they happen to grow chicken very fast in Cuba. 

Later that night, EC had better luck with dinner. Mayra, Tati's sister, had cooked dinner for him. With two fried chicken breasts, rice, avocado salad, bean soup, and fresh papaya juice, EC was more than satiated. 


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