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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Explore the Lost City in Colombia

Rain check Machu Picchu and challenge yourself this year with a trek to La Ciudad Perdida, The Lost City tucked inside the dense jungles of northern Colombia.
The combination of heat, humidity, and inclines will make the 4-6 day trek very uncomfortable, but rewarding. We started off in the small town of Mamey, where we fueled up on bread, ham, and cheese, because, little did we know at the time, we would need all the energy we could get. We kicked it off with an easy hour's walk. But, in the high humidity of the steamy Colombian jungle, even just standing there caused the body to sweat. Slowly, before the hard part started, my shirt was turning a shade darker as sweat spread into larger concentric circles. Unfortunately, whatever becomes wet in the jungle often stays that way.
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