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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hiking the Falls Trail at Ricketts Glen State Park

Who knew there were so many trails nearby to be hiked? The weather this Saturday morning was phenomenal, especially when you compare it to the rain we were getting last week. After looking through our options, we decided to head to Falls Trail, a ~3.5 mile loop near Ricketts Glen State Park. The trails goes through 18 of 22 named falls, the highest of which reaches roughly 94 feet high.

Some reviews online mention the trail as being dangerous since the falls make the surrounding terrain wet and slippery. But, honestly, unless you're walking around like a drunk, simple commonsense to slow down where it's wet is all that's needed.

Roundtrip, the trail took us ~3 hours, with plenty of time in between to climb onto fallen trees and snap up pictures. Though it was sunny outside, once we walked onto the trail the surrounding trees hid us under their shade. The lush green vegetation and the sharpness of the air took me back to the Amazon Rainforest. That is, until we started bumping into the crowds. Surprisingly, there was quite the number of families walking through the trail. I'd imagine that an earlier start would had allowed us to forgo sharing the trail with so many people.

Better yet, a short drive from the trail is The Lands At Hillside Farms, where you can get one of the best milk shakes around.


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