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Thursday, March 31, 2016

From Cemeteries to Running Under the Stars - The Unbeaten Path of London

Few will argue that there's nothing to do in London, but I've found it hard to discover things that won't leave me meandering around crowds of tourists and locals alike.  I've only been in London for a few months, but if you're looking for some slightly but not completely beaten path activities, here's what I've found.

Hyde Park Boot Camp and Midnight Runners - Start off your Saturday or Sunday at Hyde Park with an hour of butt whipping with Coach David Evans (RSVP for free | Facebook).  Alternatively, if you're a night owl, join the Midnight Runners on Tuesdays for a 10km run, interspersed with body weight exercises at London landmarks, around the Thames.  Did I mention they carry backpack speakers that blast music to inspire and jiggle? Oh, and it's all free too (Facebook).

Magnificent 7 Cemeteries of London - What better to complement the ever dark London weather than with a trip to London's cemeteries?  Originally created in the 1800s due to the limited space in London to accommodate all the extra bodies, the Magnificent 7 will take you through suburban London (for more history and details, check out Insider London's post).  Start off with Highgate Cemetery, the resting place of Karl Marx.  It's also located right next to Hampstead Heath, so take a stroll up to the top of Parliament Hill and get yourself a view of the London skyline.

Cable Car from Greenwich - For £3.50 on an Oyster card, you can find yourself on the Emirates Air Line crossing over the Thames.  It normally takes 10 minutes to do the crossing between Greenwich Peninsula and the Royal Docks, but if you go after 7PM the cars slow down so you have a few extra minutes to enjoy the night landscape.  It's not the easiest place to get to, but then it wouldn't be off the beaten path.

Maltby Market - I hesitated to put Maltby on the list as it's becoming just as crowded as Borough Market. However, since it's open air, if you toughen up and head there when the weather's ominous, the crowd will be minimal.  From German sausages to indulgent brownies to craft beers, Maltby will have whatever you need to get your weekend fix (Facebook).

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